August 28

Book week


On the 24th August 2017 Huntly P.S. had book week and I was a motorbike rider.

The parade was cool because you can look at all the comstums and we didn’t have to do any work we just got to do activities.

My favourite thing was doing the macks with Mr Mac and I liked making the paper planes with Mis Magee.

The grade 56s had to work with a grade prep or 1 so i worked with Jadis.On the bike on we made one that you ride in the circus with one wheel.

August 11

Reflection Week 4

Hi everyone

My favourite thing this week was doing sport when we played golden child on Monday and Tuesday because we got everyone home when the golden child went.

I learnt about suger gliders when we went to the kinder.

I want to learn more about suger gliders because they can go in tiny spaces.

Something important I need to share about this week is that I got free time in computer club and I played games on the computer.

I rate this week 8/10 because I went to the kinder and I got free time in computer club.