October 20

Reflection Week 2 Term 4

My favourite thing this week was doing the rugby clinic because it was fun doing the game.

I am excited about nowing if I am going to china next year because I really want to go.

This week I learnt how to play rugby 7s in the rugby clinic on Wednesday.

I am not really worried about anything because nothing bad happend.

I want to get better at divison so I can get 100/100 in fast maths.

I rate my week a 10/10 because it as ben a great week I have ben playing soccer on

the oval at lunch time I have kicked 1 goal this week.




its nice weather



October 13

Reflection Week 1 Term 4

My highlight of this week was sport because I like playing golden child and I like most sport we do.

I learnt how to write a haiku poem in writing this week.

My lowlight this week was reading because I don’t really like reading.

I rat my week a 10/10 because everything has been good.

I wonder if this term will be the funniest.

Im looking forward to doing swimming this term and finishing school.

My goal this term is to get neater at my writing.